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We're looking for 10 men from the Melton Mowbray area who are looking to drop body fat, build muscle and gain fitness!

6 Week Transformation Programme

5 Reasons why you should book a consultation with us... 

You will learn how to lose weight (and build muscle) whilst eating foods you enjoy

You will be trained by our expert coaches in our Group Training Classes (suitable for all abilities)

You will have the support, accountability and tools you need to stick to the programme (which means you get significant results)

You will join 100's of people within our Panic community that support each other everyday to become stronger, fitter, healthier and achieve a body that not only looks good but is functional and robust. 

This programme is designed to not just get you incredible results in the 6 weeks but also to set you up for success long term.

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Class Schedule

We have 42 classes every week to choose from!

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CrossFit Class

We use constantly varied, functional movements that are scalable to anyone, regardless of age, ability or experience. Each day we mix weightlifting, gymnastic and conditioning movements. We focus on consistent and thoughtful progressions so we can keep you safe and you can keep improving. 


SWEAT - get in, work hard, get out. 

This conditioning class uses our same tried and tested formula of constantly varied functional movements executed at high-intensity. The focus for this class is on developing both your aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance and mental grit. 

Just like our CrossFit class the coach will guide you throughout the workout, scaling movements and weights to set you up with a challenging but successful workout. 

We've helped 1000's of people get in the best shape of their lives

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The most common thing we hear...

"I've tried the gym before and I've tried eating healthier before, but I just didn't stick to it."

This is exactly why we've built this programme

To help you finally stick to it long term

To give you the full road map of how to train, and how to eat to reach your goals

But the "magic formula" that makes this programme so successful is...

Consistency... actually doing the training and sticking to our nutrition plan...that's it, that's the "magic formula" you've been searching

So how do we get you to be consistent?

1. We make it fun, you'll enjoy the training and dare I say it, look forward to coming!

The training is also catered for you, our coaches guide you step by step through each
session and make sure you're working at a level suitable for you

2. We make nutrition enjoyable, we don't do fad diets

We show you how to eat foods you enjoy in quantities that align with your goals

We also give you all the tools you need to take out the guesswork

3. Accountability - We're in your corner every step of the way

You will have your own support coach assigned to you to guide you through the entire programme

We're invested in your goals as much as you are


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